The ‘problem’ with 2 dogs is that they always want to be by you wherever you are. I’m on the sofa with maddie next to me and ghengis draped over the arm of the sofa wedged in behind my back. It can’t be comfortable for him. I know it’s not for me.
There was a time where I wanted restaurants to be open at 2 or 3 or 4 in the morning so I could eat away the drunk. Now what I want is for restaurants to serve breakfast at 3pm. You stay up late, you sleep late, then you have showers and dogs and getting dressed and dawdling and suddenly it’s 3pm and you still want waffles. FYI – the Uptown Bar and Grill serves breakfast all day (and if you sprinkle the bisciuts and gravy liberally with the hot sauce you’ve got a pretty damned good breakfast).
(Ghengis is looking at my with his cute pouty face)
The Riverview Theatre was showing The Goonies at midnight last night. I’d seen it as a kid but for the life of me only really remembered a few things about it. It was funny, I’m glad I saw it. So yeah, we were out late and ended up sleeping late (also, i’ve been sporting a sore throat an swollen glands for like a month now and it makes me so very tired I just need to sleep).
After our lazy morning sleep-in we headed ver to the Uptown B&G (not to be confused with the Uptown Diner, home of the best eggs benedict on the planet). After ‘breakfast’ we headed over to my friend Jen Z’s place for an early afternoon cocktail and snacky party to celebrate her art being displayed at the 55408 show at Intermedia Arts (there are about 3.5 million things in this post that merit links but I’m too lazy right now). So we had snacks and drank beers and headed over to the gallery. When you work at an art college it stands to reason that a gallery featuring local artists would showcase a fair number of people that you work with. Still, though, I was surprised at just how many people I knew there.
It was hot today. Hot. I could not cool myself down at all so i feel limp and completely without energy now that I am home.
March of the Penguins is playing now, I have to go see it. It’s playing at the Uptown and I have mixed feelings about the Upton theatre, but they do have a balcony so that tips it over to the favorable side (it still doesn’t beat the riverview).
I’m off to go gargle and soothe my throat. David’s sister, the doctor, thinks I might be colonized with strep which would explain why I get it so damned often, why the infections are so severe when they pop up and why I can never seem to shake the sore throat. I’d make an appointment with my doctor but I realized I just don’t like going to see her anymore. The last few visits included some bizarre cheer fest for my ex, which is all well and good on some level but in my mind completely inappropriate during an appointment. Even a curt “no, i haven’t seen her lately” was met with a “well, she’s blah blah blah blah”. I don’t know, a mutual friend could certainly engage in this sort of conversation with me and I’d be fine with it, but I guess since I’m paying my doctor I’m sort of looking for a level of professionalism. Anyway, I’d been avoiding going and I figure that’s as good a sign as any to get a new doctor. I can’t change clinics until november and I dread that, too. What if I go to a clinic and don’t like the doctor. My entire medical history is made up of doctors that make me uncomfortable. There have been like 3 total that I liked and this one that I am seeing now was fine until recently.
anyway, time to play with puppies!