Dang little man, is that the best you can do?

I love quiet sunday mornings. We’ll probably head over for waffles in a bit. YAY.
So, I know that Shar Peis bond with a person, usually just one person, and that bond is pretty strong but I never knew what it could mean until Maddie came along. Last night, with my tiredness and eposed nerve feeling David graciously offered to take both of the dogs to the dog park to wear them out. Not such a bad idea until he got there and realized that Maddie wasn’t going to listen to him and was entirely too distracted by trying to figure out where I was and how to get home to. Now she won’t even let him take her out to go potty.
Sure, the Shar Pei in Ghengis bonded with me, but that fool would bond to anyone with a milk bone and a goofy story to tell.
Alright, I have to gather my shorties and figure out what the deal is with tomorrow!