Holy Crap

Ever have one of those days where it feels like your nerves are on the outside of your body and everything is too much? It’s too cold in the AC, it’s too hot outside, the music is too loud, the conversations are too much, the dogs are too much, the sun is too much, the traffic is too much. I’m not unhappy or angry or anything, it’s a good day, but every bit of stimulus is just too damned much and it won’t stop. I wish it was okay to lock myself in my room and hide under a blanket but the blanket would be too hot and I would be bored.
I am insufferable, i recognize that.
And if I hid in my bedroom I would not have been able to go to Cupcake! It was my make up trip since I could not go on Wednesday as I had planned. Oh Cupcake, how I love you so. Today i came home with 2 banana pudding cupcakes, 1 red velvet, 1 dirt cup, 1 mad cow, and 1 black bottom. Sadly, they had no mocha or malted milk cupcakes. Again, I showed AMAZING restraint by not buying banana scones, lemon bars, individual espresso cheesecakes, strawberry cream puffs or chocolate croissants. Fuck it, my housewarming (august 27th people) is going to just be pastries from Cupcake.
Took the new car out for a long drive this afternoon. It doesn’t handle as tightly as the Saab, but that’s okay, it was close enough. Besides, the suspension and the turbo on the Saab were shot to hell, that thing was not handling so well anyway. We went to a nature center west of the cities, it was very pretty but the deer flies were crazy (i’m assured that it can be much worse). They were flying in my hair and bumping into my face and it was just…well…too much for me.
I think it’s time for quiet time.