three) Be careful when applying fake eyelash adhesive to your eye. Mishaps including, but not limited to can include gluing your eye shut, gluing your lid open, burning the shit out of your eye. On the other hand, I’m keen on the glitter.
II) Finally saw “Punch Drunk Love” all the way through. Loved it for all it’s quirky WTDedness.
Uno) Everyday I see things I wish I could photograph but then they’re lost. They’re the visual ephemera of my day. here…gone…no record of them ever existing. The dogs are lying together right now in a pose that would kill you for how cute they are. To get my camera would distract them and the shot would be lost. Maddie is sleeping on my, Ghengis is curled against her watching David put dinner away. Gone..
try to remember things, people, remember that Lena Leonard was in 206…