eat more

It was one of those stupid busy mornings. Everyone was asking for something and I couldn’t just sit at my desk and do my fidgety busy work. My boss kept asking me to do things, then he asked if my fidgety busy work was near completion and I pointed out that I could only really work on FBE when he wasn’t asking me to do other things.
Slightly relatedly…I will happily order food for any departmental function, however, if you feel the need to complain about the price or ask me for cheaper, lower quality food, i will tell you to do it yourself. I KNOW what the budget is for food for departmental functions. We do not exceed this budget. If you want Pizza Hut pizza then YOU pick the pizzas. I’ll call, but that’s it.
We were so busy i was an hour late calling davidusan. Damn.
Also, had I known the sad, pouty face worked on my boss as well, i’d have employed it YEARS ago. Seriously! It was like magic.
Okay, so, party in august, texas in september, NYC in October. How does that sound? Sounds perfect.
okay, later, we talk about toys.