The terribleness

The terrible thing that david does
by Heather
The terrible thing that david does is he feeds me ice cream but he makes me take bites that are too big for my mouth. My mouth is small and too much cold ice cream makes my teeth hurt. Also I get it on my lips. This is the terrible thing that he does and someday I might kill him in his sleep. Or not.
It’s good to keep him around since he can lift and carry things (like me).
He asked if I wrote terrible things about him.This is the terrible thing I wrote.
In other news…
Maddie’s seperation anxiety is reaching all new heights. Tonight he ate through the bars in her kennel. No lie. We call the vet and ask about pills or something. She needs to be comfortable and happy when I leave home, she also needs to not be destroying things.
Went to see Dance in the Dark. It was fantastic to watch. I’ve never seen many dance shows, I always feel there is something fundamentalabout it that I just don’t understand. I usually like them when i see them, I just feel like I could be getting more out of it if I understood it better. I’d tell you to go see it, but it was the last show. You lose. I win.
okay, this is MC 900 foot bubbo signing off and heading to the bed! Goodnight my chochachos!