every light post is a crucifix and every bridge has a memorial

1) dog park. Went with the new camera and shot some video of the dogs being dogs. It’s hard to capture ghengis in his glory as he goofs around out there.
2) ice cream social. I was disappointed that there was less adventure involved in finding the ice cream. Hell, they even put out signs directing us. On the other hand they had mint chip ice cream (the king of ice creams) along with cookies, sauces, clementines, peanuts and bananas. We had to listen to them talk about preserving the river gorge, but that’s perfectly fine by me.
3) Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus, a documentary of sorts about the deep south. It had some truly beautiful moments, but for the most part it was unfocused and without direction. Definitely a good watch though, if it comes to your town, catch it.
um..let’s see, what else.
Maddie has some seperation anxiety issues that are getting worse. Luckily, she takes to kenneling just fine and that seems to be alleviating some of the stress. You have never seen a dog get so excited when it’s owner comes home. I swear she’d come out of her skin if given the chance. I do think she was calmer today when I got home, if it’s because of the kennel then all the better.
We’re also working on her being less thuggish at the dog park and that seems to be going well. Now the only dogs she really wants to fight with are the ones that harass Ghengis.
Having one of those days where I worry about everything and question myself completely. My poor friends, they have to bear the burden on these days. Sorry guys. I’ll make you little canap�s with spanish queso de cabra and spiced apricots. (yep, thinking about party foods).
I know, I owe pictures. Sorry. Soon. Really. I’ll take a day this weekend and work on them.
yeah, I’m a tired tiger. chochobo!