immersed in my brain

This morning I went to see my brain pill doctor lady so that we could talk about the state of my brain and how the pills affect it. Everything’s cool, brain’s functioning as expected. Yay.
Then sad. She told me it was our last appointment. She’s moving on to the next phase of her education. NOOOOOOO, don’t leave me! Proof that I am crazy: I almost cried, both in the office and in my car. I suck at change, I crave stability. I crave brain pill related stability.
What if the new person sucks? what if they don’t like me? what if they have some sort of philosophy of “suck it up!” Crap. I get all shakey and weird when I have to think about changes like that.
While we’re on the subject of crazy, everybody in the elevator acted crazy this morning! There were 4 of us and the other three were caught up in some sort of distance maintaining deliberate movement scheme. The thing is, these weren’t crazy people, they worked there! (Well, I mean I assume that the openly insane are not working at the hospital, but these are new times!).
But, as per usual, there is balance. It’s finally spring. It’s warm, it’s sunny, it’s windy like your mom’s pants! The dog park is full of dogs giddy with spring related awesomeness. Persephone rises again and I feel optimism.

at 7:26am I brought him his coffee

at 8:13, 8:18 and 8:29 I told the dogs to shut the hell up.
I got an invite to Twitter and it seemed all the cool kids were doing the Twitter thing so I went and looked and tried it and. I don’t know. The minutia of my life already get detailed and examined in so many places that I can’t quite get excited about trying to distill it down into 140 characters at a time.
Also, I just don’t text message anymore unless I really have to.
And I’m becoming one of those crabby internet people.
but on the positive side:
1) Bubbo Designs is coming along nicely
2) I am making a lace hijab out of the CTH Lace Merino (my skein is way more blue than shown).
3) started sketching out a new lace pattern, will hopefully get a wrap done by september
4) Now I have to put some pants on.

HI HI HI HI HI HI!!! It’s me!

I distracted the fat lady and the funny man and I got the computer again!!! oh my god. I have the computer and my name is CHESTER
but I have to tell you about the dogpark!! AAAA the dog park! the dog park!!! I love to go there and I got to go there and it was the best day ever for CHESTER oh oh
oh wrong buttons
and I went to the dog park with Maddie and we I went inside the fence and I smelled the pees! There were PEES everywhere and I had to smell them all and one said “hi” and one said “HI” and one said “I AM GOING TO BITE YOU” so I ran away from that one but Maddie put a pee on it that said “MY NAME IS MADDIE”.
actually, all of maddies pees say “MY NAME IS MADDIE”
and I smelled all the pees and a beagle came up to me and we sniffed butts and her butt said “I wanna run around but I also want to bark a lot when I don’t get my way” so I left her and kept sniffing
and there was a PEE that was a POOP!!!!! a hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!! oh my god! Get it??? a PEE that was a POOP hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
I love that joke! I told the other dogs there that joke and some of the dogs laughed and they were good.
and I was at the dog park and I was running like forever and running and YAY YAY YAY YAY I love the dog park because I get to run and pee and run and see dogs and smell pee and butts and pee!
but a boxer came up to me and he said “I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU AND WE SHOULD PLAY RIGHT NOW” and he wouldn’t leave me alone and he kept saying that but he was too big and he had a giant head and finally i yelled “GO AWAY FROM ME YOU DUMB DOG” and then the fat lady was all saying my name in that way that I hate because it means she doesn’t understand me and the things I do but I went to her and she put the pets on me and we went to a different part of the park and Maddie and I played chase and I love chase!
I LOVE CHASE!!! I jump on Maddie until she stops saying “knock it off” and she starts saying “I AM GOING TO BITE YOUR HEAD” and I run away and she runs after me and she can’t catch me except when she catches me and sometimes she doesn’t follow me she just goes to the way that I am going to be going and she catches me there and we bite on each other’s heads and then she goes to the fat lady and says “MY NAME IS MADDIE AND I LOVE YOU” because she’s kind of a suck up.
and I go to the funny man and he chases me and we run! and some other dogs came over and we sniffed but their buts said “We are boring blah blah blah we just want to blah blah boring chase ball
and then we went to the other part of the dog park and that was the part by where we came in and where all the dogs are and I ran around with other dogs and sniffed them and we peed and we ran and Maddie saw this one dog that she doesn’t like! he is not brown like she is brown and he doesn’t have a curly tail like hers and he said to her
he said to her last year LAST YEAR!! he said to her “you look dumb” and she got mad at him and tried to beat him up and this time she saw him and he didn’t even have a chance to say stupid!
She chased him!!! and barked at him but she only ever barks MY NAME IS MADDIE!!!
it’s so weird.
and she was running and barking and the dumb dog went to the fat lady and maddie doesn’t like dumb dogs to be by the fat lady but the fat lady doesn’t understand us! she just doesnt! she’s dumb! she thinks it is bad for maddie to yell at the other dog!!
and we had to go. and I was sad.
but I saw the PEE that was a POOP and I was happy and I got to have a biscuit when I got home and I took a nap and
oh, the fat lady told me that my peener hair looks funny. and she laughed at it.


If you are not on Ravelry this will not make sense to you.

I figure when you have a group or organization or mad zombie following, you aren’t really real until you have merchandise. So, getting merchandise sorta legitimizes the whole experience. If someone designs the merchandise with little or no prompting then you are 12millionawesome legit.
We got us some t-shirts!!!!!
Once again, non-ravelers are not going to understand. Sorry.
The gist of it is that I have a group on Ravelry called “Bubbo’s Pants”. One of those places built on an inside joke that you share with like 100,000 other people. The group has become something I am really proud of. We give advice, have fun, share things, and unlike 99% of the internet, we don’t fight! So I would like to that SteorraCat for her 12awesome design skilz! and all the other pantsters for their continued membership in a group based solely on joke involving me making crude references to sticking other people’s mothers in my pants.