immersed in my brain

This morning I went to see my brain pill doctor lady so that we could talk about the state of my brain and how the pills affect it. Everything’s cool, brain’s functioning as expected. Yay.
Then sad. She told me it was our last appointment. She’s moving on to the next phase of her education. NOOOOOOO, don’t leave me! Proof that I am crazy: I almost cried, both in the office and in my car. I suck at change, I crave stability. I crave brain pill related stability.
What if the new person sucks? what if they don’t like me? what if they have some sort of philosophy of “suck it up!” Crap. I get all shakey and weird when I have to think about changes like that.
While we’re on the subject of crazy, everybody in the elevator acted crazy this morning! There were 4 of us and the other three were caught up in some sort of distance maintaining deliberate movement scheme. The thing is, these weren’t crazy people, they worked there! (Well, I mean I assume that the openly insane are not working at the hospital, but these are new times!).
But, as per usual, there is balance. It’s finally spring. It’s warm, it’s sunny, it’s windy like your mom’s pants! The dog park is full of dogs giddy with spring related awesomeness. Persephone rises again and I feel optimism.