If you are not on Ravelry this will not make sense to you.

I figure when you have a group or organization or mad zombie following, you aren’t really real until you have merchandise. So, getting merchandise sorta legitimizes the whole experience. If someone designs the merchandise with little or no prompting then you are 12millionawesome legit.
We got us some t-shirts!!!!!
Once again, non-ravelers are not going to understand. Sorry.
The gist of it is that I have a group on Ravelry called “Bubbo’s Pants”. One of those places built on an inside joke that you share with like 100,000 other people. The group has become something I am really proud of. We give advice, have fun, share things, and unlike 99% of the internet, we don’t fight! So I would like to that SteorraCat for her 12awesome design skilz! and all the other pantsters for their continued membership in a group based solely on joke involving me making crude references to sticking other people’s mothers in my pants.

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