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  • I have owned 3 dogs in my adult life. All three were adopted from rescue organizations. In all three cases I signed contracts that held various stipulations like that I would get the pet neutered, that this animal would be a pet that lived indoors and not an animal used for work and so on. When I adopted Maddie I had to promise not to eat her (no lie!). Different groups have different contracts but in essence, they all ask you to follow the same rules. The big rule is that if you cannot keep the pet, it must go back to the same rescue agency. It’s standard. Now, here’s the deal, you own the dog for say 5 years and suddenly you have to go to the moon and you can’t take the dog, you could probably give the dog to a trusted friend without raising too much ire. if you own the dog for like 2 weeks and it’s too much to deal with, you have to bring it back to the rescue agency. Seriously, it’s a standard rule.
    Rescue shelters have the dog’s best interest in mind. Certainly you can go to the pound and get a cheaper dog, no questions asked. It’s easy enough. A rescue shelter sees a dog from a bad situation and wants to make sure that the dog ends up in the best possible situation for him. That’s their job. They’re not a retail store, they are a shelter. With each of my dog adoptions I was interviewed and asked any number of questions, did I have a fenced yard? How much excersise would my dog get? how much did I spend on dog food? what was my housebreaking method? where would the dog sleep at night? They aren’t trying to be monsters, they just want to make sure that the dog will be healthy and happy, they want to be sure that this dog is not a whim. Something purchased to satisfy a passing fancy and then seen as a burden once something new comes along.
    I feel bad for what happened in the whole Ellen thing, but she messed up.
  • blueberries are natures caviar!
  • Designing new lace patterns is a pain in the ass. I spent the weekend making swatches, filling in graph paper, furrowing my brow and eating blueberry pie. I may have found a solution. If so, I will keep careful notes and publish the pattern!
  • The “under the bed” area is the private domain of the little dogs. First Ghengis had it. It was his place to hide, to chew his special treats and to play goofy games with me. Chester took over immediately upon move in. 2 years of dog lair has turned into 2 years of dog hair. Last night David move the (giant king sized) bed out of the way and vacuumed the hell out of it. That’s pretty damned awesome.
  • Cheney wants to eat your baby
  • I need more yarn

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