Stitch Stirrer

LO! I’ve missed the last few “Stitch Stirrer” prompts. Sigh, been busy and out of sorts and what not. In my head I designed a Halloween themed cap for that prompt but never had time to draw it let alone make it. I came up with the plans for a stuffed Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon, but did not have time to work all of it out. “10 things learned” and “why do i do it” should be coming up soon.
The current prompt is “how would they know” as in, how would someone know I was a crocheter when they walked into my house. Would they notice or would they have to dig around for it?
Walk into my house. So it, I dare you! Upon entering the house you will be accosted by two overly ambitious dogs barking, jumping, yelling, wriggling, dogs. Once you get past the dogs (and this may take a few minutes, be patient) make a visual sweep of the room from right to left.
Here, let me walk you through what you will see. You can just assume that more often than you would prefer, the dogs will get in your way so I would include them on the tour, you can just imagine them. The love seat has one of my small project bags on it, but it is currently empty. End table sports a stack f crochet hooks that I don’t like, some stitch markers I forgot to pick up and two sets of colored pencils that I use to plot out designs. Sweeping further, on the floor is a large bag of polyester fiberfill, a 12 inch high stack of crochet magazines and books, another larger set of color pencils (as well as water colors and oil pastels) for trying to get the stuff in my head onto paper.
Keep moving. The coffee table. My pink beaded lace scarf waiting to be worked on, a jumble of yarn waiting to be untangled or trashed, my crochet notebook that desperately needs to be updated, the beginning of a hat that twisted when connecting the round, a stuffed crochet monkey tail to go on a monkey that I forgot on my desk at work, a large metal mixing bowl (why? i don’t know) containing stuffed dinosaurs, my diagonal scarf, two skeins of baby yarn and my spiderweb cardigan that needs the arm reworked so I can wear it. A bag from Borealis yarns containing 2 skeins of Plymouth Yarn baby alpaca grande in blue/green. This yarn was payment from a coworker for a project I did for her. My ball winder is attached to the edge of the table ready to be used.
Also on the table, my Lariat Scarf, the fingerless gloves I just finished, various ‘odd balls’ of yarn (single balls left over from a dye lot that yarn stores sell on clearance because there’s not much you can do with a single ball of yarn. But I like them for little projects or edging or adding to things), graph paper for my designs and scribbles and math work (crochet takes some math!).
Under the table you will find another crochet book, my 3 ring binder where I put page protected printed patterns and a 1934 edition of Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, Volume 1 in which I draw a lot. The book itself has actually never ever been ready by anyone, many of the pages were miscut and still attached together. My fascination with this compelled me to draw pictures in the book. Mostly of naked fat ladies, go figure.
Moving on, a 5 bin stackable plastic storage unit crammed full to overflowing with yarn. A basket full of yarn and a scarf I am working on, bags of cheap yarn for dolls, and another half finished scarf. Coming around you get to the sofa. I am on one end, next to me are 2 balls of yarn (black and white), the beginnings of another pirate hat, my box of crochet tools and sundries, two more crochet books (one to be sent to Washington State very soon), a bag with my kerchief project and the pattern for the pirate hat. On the back of the sofa is my pink and green Fair Isle purse.
Finally you would end at the CD rack with no actual CDs in it (loooong story) but it does have one of my crochet bunnies on it.
This is JUST the view of my living room. the dining room and bedroom have their own thing going on and most of it is covered in yarn as well.
Standing at my front door and surveying the room you would be led to 2 conclusions. The first is that a crocheter lives here. The second is that said crocheter is a really shitty house keeper.