My Life: A Ken Burns Documentary

I have this screensaver on my computer that randomly displays photos from my iPhoto library. Sure, fine, lots of people have this.
But here’s the thing, I also clicked the ‘cross fade’ and ‘zoom’ options. Now the photos fade in and out and then we slowly pan the photos while zooming in. It’s exactly like a fucking Ken Burns documentary. When I’m sitting and crocheting I like to listen to NPR podcasts (because I’m a nerd). I flip on the screensaver and there it is, photo documentary the seems to go with whatever I am listening to (most of the time…).
Sometimes, the screensaver is itself the most fascinating thing to look at. Sure, I can go into my iPhoto library any time, but the randomness of it all that gets me. A photo from Key West, then one of the bathroom remodel, the 10th anniversary trip with Jen to Savannah, then David and I celebrating Christmas. The pan and zoom over the photo invokes a reaction, like the computer is leading you to focus on something specific. It makes you feel like there is a story with every photo. Apparently I have 6500 stories on my computer.
I don’t know if there is some metric programmed in that figures out where to focus the zoom, but 9 times out of 10, it focuses on the subject of the photo with alarming clarity. Watching it focus on Ghengis is not exactly the easiest thing to watch, but I quietly tell myself the story of every one of his pictures and remember him. Perhaps I will commission a Ghengis documentary and hire Ken Burns! Or maybe I’ll stick to my screen saver.