Okay, so my iPod got stolen today, I’ve had a headache and a handache and I had to wrap my brain around painfully complex accounting problems. Today, not such a good day…
This evening, however, was completely different. I went to Owens, we ate cheap chinese food and I have a lavender head with a violet fauxhawk running down the middle. New hair will make anyone feel better, and I especially love going to Owen’s because I leave there feeling beautiful, not beautiful in a model kind of way but beautiful on my own terms. Beautiful with purple hair and a pound of confidence.
Also, I got to meet Chica, the coolest chow-chow on the planet. She was so sweet!
Okay, it’s late, I’m off to bed.
ps if you would like me to make a bunny, teddy bear or stuffed doll for a christmas gift for you to give to someone, please let me know ASAP. I have a lot of crochet projects between now and the end of the year and I need to plan ahead.