our lesson

So, a post on someone else’s blog got me thinking about change.
Look, liberals, we got it all wrong. We’re making movies that preach to the choir. People interested in seeing this movie are already people who know racism is bad. The people who need their opinions updated are going to read about this movie, scoff and not go see it. We’re protesting in the streets. Do you think a slightly unwashed college dude in flannel tossing a garbage can around is going to effect a change? He might change the riot police guy’s mind about just how hard to crack that baton when he gets the chance. The sum total effect of a candlelight vigil is that at the end of the night, a lot of candles were burned, tears were shed and far too many people hugged. Do the people in Washington say “hey, you know, these people sat quietly with candles and hugged…I bet they mean business”.
We’re not doing the right things. This happy feel good, unfocused energy is being wasted. Certainly there are grassroots efforts that do help. Get The Vote Out helped to make a difference, voting numbers were good. Educating the populace and voting into office people who will effect the changes you want to see will help. But it’s not enough.
There’s a lesson to be learned. Who holds sway in DC? How much does change the Sierra Club affect? Naral? Planned Parenthood? The Humane Society? Some but not much. Now think about big oil, tobacco, the beef industry! They control public policy and they do it well. Why? Straight up cash money. You don’t see the guys at Exxon throwing their trash cans around to get their way with congress. Philip Morris would not be where they are today if the execs stood outside the White House wasting candles.
Beef would NOT be what’s for dinner if they made movies that only really appealed to cattle ranchers.
It’s the way of the world, people and the world revolves around cash. Patchouli and flannel is fine on the weekends, but it’s not really going to work in the real world.