I’m an old lady

I am so totally rocking the old lady thing (i don’t have blue hair anymore, but I can make that happen). I drive my old lady car, I’m wearing a t-shirt with a picture of two baby white tigers and today….I made the final leap…
We slept late and went to ‘breakfast’ late. How late? Late enough to get to Baker’s Square (total old lady hang out) early enough to catch the Early Bird Dinner Specials with the folks. Then I did it, I ordered the ‘All you can eat fish fry’, not because I wanted to eat a lot of fish, but because (and I shit you not) I figured even if I didn’t eat a lot of fish, $5.99 was a good deal.
Then I ordered pie to take home (banana cream, could be the king of pies since strawberry is only available seasonally).
I finished up the evening crocheting scarves with the dog napping on the skein of yarn.
Old lady, i’m tellin’ ya.
I have now completed 6 scarves, all different colors, pretty much the same pattern. I made up a pattern in my head for another one and hopefully that one will turn out nicely. I also need to talk to Levi concerning the color scheme of Ms Dena’s scarf. I’m only working with yarn that I already have, so I have to be creative, sometimes combining colors if i don’t have enough of one for a scarf.
Hmmm….anything else? Happy Hour with the girls from the office (did that sound old lady enough?) on Friday. Cleaning, chilling, eating pre-packaged pierogie (pirohy?) with tamarind chutney, drinking too much coffee, so much my jaw aches, staying up too late, sleeping too late, you know…the stuff I always do.
Owen, email me, I need to coordinate bouillabaisse dinner plans!


Aw Crap! The ThinkBlank Secret Santa names came ou today, complete with url’s so our secret santas could get to know us and all I have is Depressy McDepressesalot crap up here!
Dear Secret Santa Person,
I’m usually a very happy person! And joyous! And not so much the emo-kid displayed on this page!
With much love