Yesterday, at the grocery store I was buying the required yogurts which I am supposed to add to my diet as the doctor freaked at how little calcium I ingested compared to how much acidic stuff I took in (lots of strong coffee and tea and usually one diet coke a day). Eventually, my bones will turn rubbery and my heart will beat erratically and I will die.
So I am on a strict regiment of calcium pills (okay I only take one a day, not the 2 she recommended) and I am to add yogurt to my daily diet to start adding calcium. I am supposed to also be adding cheese, but then we start getting into very expensive territory for me.
So, as I said, I was getting my yogurts for the week, most of them being the Blue Bunny Light 85 fat free/sugar free varieties to keep my caloric intake down. Of course, explaining to David was immediately followed with a query to him, “DO YOU LIKE EGG NOG?????”. So obviously I am not all that serious about the calorie thing.
Down the aisle they had the special, organic, hippie, moon yogurts. The Stonyfield Farms Fat Free Chocolate Underground yogurt was there! Wooo. This is good stuff, it’s like ‘fruit on the bottom’ yogurt except it’s more like ‘pudding on the bottom’, chocolate pudding!
But here’s the problem. Whenever I read the name “Chocolate Underground” I imagine the marketing dude in charge of naming the products. He did a great job with Banilla, that’s a great name for something, but chocolate underground? I’m pretty sure this guy and his assistant did…something… the night before, made a joke, “dude, we tunneled the chocolate underground” laughed really hard and then went to work the next day. As an inside joke and a gift to his assistant, he slapped the name on the yogurt and the rest is cooler case history.
It’s what I imagine happened. I could be wrong.