cookies galore

So I spent the day doing lots of things I hated but also some fun things. woo. or something.
So the fair…we did the fair yesterday.
The plan was to go on Sunday, but i managed to get myself sick so I was ordered to stay in on Sunday and eat some healthy food and get better. Monday I got up and felt better and got ready and quietly poke poke poked David to get up and go to the fair! He was such a trooper! I know he was not so keen on going but he went anyway and made sure I had a wonderful time!
We got there and our first mission was cheese curds. We had to find them!! I took it upon myself to make sure that he had a good time at the fair. About twenty minutes into it he grabbed my hand and told me to stop being so tense and to relax.
So I did. And we found the fried pickles! Amazing. I miss fried pickles. I’ve only had them a couple times, they’re so weird and good. I’m going to start making them at home (and serving them with something more interesting than ranch dressing). My other mission was getting a pronto pup, not a corn dog, oh no! A pronto pup is 42.3 times better than a corn dog (bet you didn’t even know there was a difference. well, there is!).
So! We ended up eating fried pickles, a pronto pup (me, not him), cheese curds, beer, fries smothered with cheese, jalepe�os, sour cream and hot sauce, cotton candy, orange soda, veggie fajita (him, not me) and a giant bucket of cookies! Blergh!
Labor day was the last day for the fair so most of the animals had already gone home or to the slaughter or whatever they do with them. The goats were still there so I got to play with some goats and a baby goat sucked on my finger. I lvoed it so much I totally wanted to bring it home and let it play with my dogs.
We hit the midway, played a few games, I got to shoot a crossbow! Shooting a crossbow, kind of exciting. We went in the fun house, and on the ferris wheel and on the twisty coaster thing and we went down the giant slide. They even let us go down together on the slide!
We sat for a while and listened to the whitest band in America play the grandstand. ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you, the absolute whitest band in america. Let’s hear it for Switchfoot!!! Whoever the fuck they are.
Then a man sneered at my cookies!! This old guy, total classic nothern minnesota old guy with his non-ironic trucker cap advertising “B.P.O.E LOCAL 149” and his plaid shirt walked buy me, saw my bucket of cookies, looked at me and David, looked at the cookies and sneered. Who sneers at cookies? He was so close to me and stared at my cookies for so long I almost impulsively offered some up to him. How can you go to the fair and never see the buckets of cookies? The bucket of cookies is not so rare? everyone gets them! They’re a fair tradition! Look, buddy, you don’t like the cookies, that’s fine, you don’t have to but why SNEER at the cookies! What did the cookies ever do to you??
Blue hair was definitely a hit, many people came up to tell me they liked the blue hair. Cool. There was a booth at the fair that was airbrushing cool colors onto people’s hair. The guy operating the Sky Ride had his hair in two giant blue spikes with silver stars stenciled on. We loved each other. Also, I had David take a picture of me on the Sky Ride (the one with the little buckety cars that go across the fairground high above on a cable) and the look on my face is one of swallowed fear. I’ll get over my fear of heights soon.
Also got to watch the fireworks. so nice.
Did I mention how much David rocks? Not only did he go to the fair with me but he went and did all kinds of things to make sure I had a wonderful time. Ot was the most perfect date day I have had in a while. I can’t thank him enough for the fun.
Now I’m off to eat more of the cookies (you didn’t think we’d eat a whole bucket in one night, did you?) and relax my little head.
Goodnight people