There’s a first time for everything

Today I had some firsts…
1) I voted in my first primary. I’ve never voted in a primary before, i’m still not even sure of the point of the primary but I looked up the candidates and we wandered over and voted. I even abstained from voting on the categories that I didn’t know (except for Ted Cabana, I totally voted for him. How could I not?).
1a) I vouched for david as he did not have the new address on his license. I did not have my new license but I had a gas bill. I had to sign a paper saying that David was legit. I had to sign an oath. Neat.
2) I drank tamarind soda! It was good!
3) I saw a squirrel poop!!! (see entry below) It finally happened, pretty much all of my dreams have been realized.
yeah, okay, only 3 new things, but still!!!!


Plans are in place for the last weekend in October. YAY. I would tell you about them but i don’t trust that you won’t tell David. I know you! You’re crazy! You’d totally email my boyfriend and tell him.
I’ll give you hints…cheese…labyrinth…bucolic…
David and I watched ‘Straw Dogs’ last night. I spent a good couple hours chewing on it in my head and I decided that I really really disliked it. It was gratuitous, excessively so. Not a single character was believable, the motivations were completely disingenuous. Not a single person in the movie was not a complete asshole. Every character was comprised of one out of tune note.
It was gratuitous, unnecessarily so.
Happy birthday yesterday to Alan!!!!!!
Happy Birthday today to Jessi!!!!
What is it with all you damned Virgos!!!
For some reason I thought i had 2 weeks to go before I went to Texas! I was so so wrong. I have 10 days. So I had to book my hair appointment and the best available option was next Thursday, the night before I leave. Dammit. Can not wait for this trip. It will be 1000 hectares of fun.
Man, the weather here sucks!
last night there was a spider on me. Today there was a spider on my iPod. Asshole spiders!!!
Why does someone need more than one iPod? They’re all very small, the regular sized version is a small device, the smaller ones are just smaller. Are someone’s iPod needs so disperate and specific that you would need more than one size? I don’t get it. I have all these friends with iPods who went out and got every iteration of the iPod because it was new or smaller or whatever. I can see getting the larger capacity ones, but beyond that…i don’t know.
And i’m the queen of useless money spending!
WOW!!!! Sometimes it DOES happen right outside your office window. Amazing.