Sometimes you eat too much weird stuff on saturday and one of those things might be a steamed pork bun from the vietnamese place and sometimes you ake up on sunday with a sick belly.
And your boyfriend makes you stay home from the fair and drink juice and eat healthy things and all you want to do is go to the fair!!!
oh well.
Sometimes you sit here on labor day and wait for your boyfriend to get ready so you can indulge in the State Fair!!!!
We sat and watched ‘Oldboy’ last night. I liked it a lot but David was not so keen on it. (holy crap, the dog is laying in the sun, passed out on his side. Next to him he has lined up his squeaky shoe, his chewy fist, his rawhide roll and the last nubbin from his orange nylabone. God I wish my camera was not next to him! I need this picture). Anyway, Oldboy was disturbing and probably more stylized than it needed to be but I liked the story and the mystery and all that.
Also, it made me want t eat mandu in the worst way.
Okay, i’m hungry and bored. FAIR TIME