mi boca es su boca

Today is being described as SPLENDID! by me. I want everyone to be as splendidly happy as I am.
The weather is cool and blustery but the sun is shining and the sky is screaming blue. I’ve got a pile of the happiest emails ever in my inbox. I am someone’s bubbo.
I feel a little guilty being so happy right now. I have a friend going through an ordeal in her relationship, I want very much to help her and I don’t know how. So I offer her my support and friendship. You will get through this and you will survive and we will be there on the other side.
And, sadly, Terry Schiavo did pass on this morning. I am relieved for her and her family. I am relieved that there will be some closure for them. I’m sad it had to take this course, though.
but, back to the brightness and happiness…I’m going to get a little fish tank in my office and get a fish named Digger. Problem is finding a fish named Digger, but I’m persistent, these thing work themselves out.
I’ve been posting a lot lately, I vascillate between more, smaller posts or fewer, longer posts. I just don’t know.
OH HEY! If anyone would like a postcard from the Keys, email me and let me know the address to send it to.
I will leave you for now with a quote from Dáithí, he always describes me so accurately…
You are sweet and charming and pretty and unspeakably rotten.
So there you have it.