Quote of the Day

“You know when you go to a potluck and there’s that crock pot with the meatballs in the zingy sauce? You know how they kinda smell good and the person who brought them also brought cool tooth picks with which to spear them and so you try one and the sauce is pretty good and the toothpick is cool but the meatball is just a store-bought meatball, kind of mushy, no real flavor, and a bit of uncomfortable grit? Well that’s who he is, he’s a store bought meatball in flashy sauce.”
This is a first for me, describing someone as a meatball.

It Breaks

Like Persephone making her way up from the underworld I am now glimpsing the relief that spring will bring me.
Winter is so hard on me and these last 4 or so have been grueling. The cold, the lack of sun, being cooped up inside, it all wears on you. This winter was not terrible as Ethan sent me the greatest, brightest sunlight replicating lightbulbs ever. These things are pure science, so bright they practically light up the neighborhood.
They did help, absolutely.
But still I find myself weary and tired of the weather, of that awful biting wind and the overcast days. It’s tough to be beaten down like that by something you have no control over.
And yet the sun is coming out and the weather is warming and the pomegranate seed of hope is rolling about on my tongue.