some things don’t translate

Who here knows how to say ‘punchline’ in another language? Systran is totally failing me tonight.
‘You are the punchline to the world’s saddest joke’ just isn’t translating. It’s the quote of the day and it livened up lunch considerably.
I was playing with my stats tonight. The two things of interest are where I’m linked from and the search terms people used to find me (it’s good to know that ‘tonsil abscess’ and ‘analworld’ still rank high). Also, a surge of traffic from Denmark, so I guess I give a shout out to my unknown homies over there. Good for you!
I’m still watching ‘Family Guy’ dvd’s. Stewie is still narrating my posts, but oddly, Chris’ voice was narrating a couple other places and it was highly amusing and altogether too fitting.
We have an open house this weekend. Sadly, it’s still going to be on the coolish side or I’d take the boy and the dog on a picnic. Maybe we’ll just go on a hike or something for the day. A hike. Jesus. Who knew I’d ever think of something like that. Granted, my definition of hike is not that same as yours, and probably involves more cookies. Anyway, open house this weekend but only for a couple of hours. The weird thing about having your house on the market is you begin to have this creepy feeling you’re in compton or something for all the cars that drive reeeal slow by the house.
The for sale sign in my front yard fell over this week and I had to call and get that taken care of. Why did it fall down? Could it be because it was installed in a garden in soil that is tilled and has no extensive root system to bind it together? Maybe. The sign was reinstalled on the other side of the driveway this morning and I can rest easy in my smugness.
In one month I’ll have been at this job for 5 years. I’m trying to get some sort of “thanks for keeping department turnover so low” award from my boss. A watch would be nice, but I’ll settle for a beer. Either way my vacation time kicks up to 3 weeks a year and lord knows I deserve all the vacation time I can get; and by ‘Deserve’ I mean ‘Want’.
I write secret messages to people on their bananas!
ps Is it wrong to check almost religiously to see if Terry Schiavo died yet? I’m not saying this in a cruel way (which is surprising if you know me), but I’m truly hoping she passes on so that some closure can come to this for her and her family. You know, the funny thing is, as much as I’m an advocate for pulling the plug if I’m ever in that kind of state, I’m actually not keen on the idea of pulling the feeding tube. I can’t quite put my finger on why specifically, but there’s an excess of cruelty there. So stop the machines but leave the feeding tube in unless there’s a follow up plan to morphine me to death or something like that.