A fish is a thing of honesty

Going to the fish store (aquarium style, not brown butter and dill) is a little like fish porn for me. Alan’s setting up a new aquarium (i’d do the obligatory link to Alan’s site but since he never updates it anymore i don’t see the point. Hint hint hint.) so I got to crack out all my latent aquarium knowledge this weekend. I filled his head with boring information about compatability and ease of care. He didn’t listen to me when I told him about chloramine, but luckily the guy at the store told him too.
I also completely spaced about cycling the tank, but the fish store guy was up on that too.
Thing is, it got me totally excited about my aquarium and once I move I’m gonna set that damned monstosity up again. 55 gallon freshwater tank! Alan also mentioned that his brother might have other tanks so I might go look at those too.
I saw some new fish at the store and did some research. I fell in love with botia modesta, the orange fin loach. Very nice, very pretty, very active. Sadly, it does not get along well with other bottom dwellers and has been known to hunt smaller fish. I think I will stick to yo-yo’s and clowns which are both peaceful and they get along well together.
I’m definitely getting a pleco. I’m just trying to decide between the common pleco like i had before or one of the fancier varieties like zebras or sailfins. I seem to find myself more interested in the bottom dwelling fish more and more lately, they just have so much personality.
As for the upper strata there are zebra danios, raspboras and barbs to do the schooling and gouramis to showcase.
I’m also thinking about rainbows but they take a lot of work.
Once I get moved and resettled I’ll have a better idea if I have the time and energy for another aquarium set up. I’m trying to convince my boss to let me have a little fish tank in my office. I wonder if Ghengis would like the fish? I want everyone to appreciate that I have so far held myself in check, I’ve not posted the 1800 fabulous new photos of the handsome little guy.
In other news, the vigil is being held for the birth of my boss’ baby and for Alex’s niece to be born. So many babies being born all at once, how exciting.
Started planning the trip to the Keys, and by planning mostly I mean I am inundating Alex with "can we do this and this and this and this and can I have an ice cream and can I eat seafood at every meal and can i do this and this and this?". Also, I promised not to honk the horn on my rented scooter for my own amusement as that will get me a ticket and a fine! I also am hoping to climb to the highest point in the keys, 18 feet above sea level at Windley Key. 18 FEET people, can you believe it? Also, lime popsicles and coconut postcards and snorkeling!
Yesterday there was a school shooting at a Minnesota high school. Looks like 10 were killed and 15 or more were wounded. My mom is a high school teacher and most days I don’t think about this kind of thing, but when I read about it I get worried. My mom’s a good person who works hard for these kids and has really put herself out there. I hope that the repayment for her hard work is a nice retirement check and not some senseless tragedy.
and and and…i still have the flu, i don’t really care for Robert Heinleins writing (but people warned me I wouldn’t), my dvd player died and my puppy and my boyfriend kick ass.
ramble ramble ramble
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