All day Friday and Saturday I cooked. It’s what I did. I cooked. It was hardcore intensive work. It was so important to me that the food turn out well. I was lucky, though, I had help. Friday night my aunt sue came over and we caught up on old times. She is only a few years older than me, we spent a lot of time partying together during my college years. We slugged through most of the prep. I crawled into bed, aching and sore at 1am.
Saturday I got up around 8:30 and as I was trying to wake up I got a call from my aunt saying she and her brother, my uncle donnie, were coming over to help. Like perfect guardian angels these two swept into my place and immediately started washing dishes and working on food. Donnie ran to the store for me and he ran to get lunch for all of us. Lovely.
Later, a dear friend of mine and Sue’s, Chad showed up and I had yet another set of hands at my disposal. Chad is the expert at clearing, organizing and assembling. He stuffed and rolled all the croissants and assembled all the crostini for me. With all the help I got I was actually finished with time to spare. Time to spare, that’s pretty much unheard of for me.
Sue’s little girl, Evelyn, came along on Saturday and she fell in love with the dogs. And Ghengis, realizing that children are mobile buffets, fell in love with her. Ghengis profited dearly from this relationship.
The party was a lovely, warm event. My grandfather got to celebrate his 80th birthday surrounded by friends and family that truly loved and admired him. It was a great time and I got to see relatives I’d not seen in ages.
Unfortunately, I am getting old. The party started at 6pm and I was done before midnight. I got home, went to bed and kept my pitiful, semi-hungover, completely pained body in bed until noon when my mom called.
My mom’s cousin, Rebecca, had a flight out at 9:45pm so she spent part of the day with my sister then came over here so we could visit before she left. I don’t know much of my extended family so it was nice to spend some time getting to know her and getting perspective on family history.
For dinner we went to Everest on Grand, the local tibetan/nepalese place. I can now say that I’ve eaten yak! YAK! I ate YAK! Actually, it sounds more exotic than it tastes, if I didn’t know it was yak I would have assumed it was beef. So there, you can eat yak and it won’t kill you.
Yak, it’s what’s for dinner.
The rest of my evening will include crocheting and watching movies and generally spacing out.