What did I do this weekend? All I remember is playing Katamari Damacy! I drive around and see fence panels and street signs and dogs that all want to be rolled up into my katamari!
I’m sure there was something else I did…
1) took care of eddie the hedgehog. he really is cute even though I’m not really supposed to see him. His spines are pokier than I expected and he has a really cute nose. I keep telling my sister I’m poking him. I tell her this because I love her and I have a sick sense of love. April, I am not really poking your hedgehog. In fact, I’m not really doing anything to your hedgehog except looking at him. And feeding him.
2) last night I got together with some people from the cooking group for dinner at Yummy! in no particular order we ate flank steak, jellyfish, peashoots, lo mein lobster, eggplant, flounder, froglegs, crab, fish stomach, shrimp, scallops, pork knuckle, fried rice, chicken and about a million things I don’t remember. The nice thing about going to a place like that with a group of ten people is that you can order a million different things to share. I highly recommend Yummy’s jellyfish, it’s not nearly as chewy as it could be, it has a great sesame flavor and is on a bed of carrot/jicama slaw. Actually, there was not a single thing that I ate last night that I didn’t enjoy immensely.
3) yeah…nothing else, just playing video games at my sister’s (don’t worry april, we’re not breaking anything!!!), crocheting like mad, eating like a pick and getting maximum cuddles!