work…clean…plan…cook. That’s it right now.
An aunt and an uncle come in to town tonight for the party this weekend. I suspect that with the snow that came through, their travels will be a tad delayed, but maybe I will get to see them. If not I am going to spend the day tomorrow iwht my aunt Sue catching up on old times and cooking together.
So much cleaning to do. So not excited about it.
menu update…(not that I really think you’re interested…)
Veggie plate has been replaced with lettuce wraps as demand for the lettuce wraps was overwhelming
I decided the salmon will be served as smoked salmon and roasted sweet potato on curried mascarpone on crostini.
I may not do a big ham but do either ham stuffed croissants or puff pastry crocque monsieur. Everything else being served is finger food, able to be picked up directly off the platter. Serving up a ham with rolls requires things to be cut, added to rolls, condiments served…etc. It messes with the flow AND takes up too much space. Essentially, with this many people in such a small space, we need to keep people moving. Slicing ham and building little sandwiches would cause back up.
Okay, I’m off to round up the boy and clean. damn.