I got to watch the video online! I got to watch the video of me running the red light. I suck so bad, there was no way around it. Crap. A couple people have told me to go to court and fight it, but seriously, there’s no way I can go in there and be all “I’m fighting this on the grounds that…yeah, I have no grounds…”. It’s kind of funny, though. Dammit.
I finally made the pea soup I’d been meaning to make. It’s simmering away right now.
I also finally made the moroccan squash stew I’d been meaning to make. I had to have David open the cans for me, the cyst is making it impossible to work the can opener (the cyst and the fact that my can opener sucks balls). The stew was good but too tomatoey, I think I’ll go lighter on the tomatoes next time.
ALSO!!!! I made quinoa in the rice cooker! I didn’t know if you could or not but I figured since the instructions called for covering and simmering that would pretty much be what happened in the rice cooker. Easy enough. It worked, though next time I will use less water.
Made a loaf of banana pecan bread in the machine but it turned out a bit mushy, might have to tweak the recipe.
AND! I forgot to mention this before, but when I got back from lunch I was sitting there pulling my hair out trying to make a pivot table work in excel (it worked the first time, calculating mileage by department but the second time around it only calculated the number of instances that the department was listed in the mileage chart. What the hell? The moment I figure this out I’m going to mainline whiskey)…anyway, I’m dealing with the excel issue and there’s a knocking on my office door…and there’s my sister and her friend Michael! YAY!! and they come bearing gifts!! DOUBLE YAY!!! Seems they, along with my mom, decided I’d done such a nice job on the food and since I had lost a couple platters to the cold, unyielding hardness of the kitchen floor, they bought me 4 serving dishes as a thank you. A small round, a medium square and a large round all in white and a shiny metal serving tray. They even remembered that all my serving dishes are white. Nice. I had worked really hard on the food, not just cooking it, but planning it, trying to find the right combinations and flavors so that there would be something for everyone. I truly believe that this was one of my best parties and I guess my sister thought so too. Thanks.
I’m off to pack lunches.

aw shit

They totally got me and I knew they would. Fuckers. They’ve installed those retarded cameras to catch people running red lights because obviously the cops are too busy down at the Krispy Kreme to do the jobs themselve (mock bitterness! I promise). Anyway, they got me on Park Ave and 28th St. I knew the cameras were there, so I can’t really be pissed at anyone but me. And of course it was one of those moments where the minute I hit the intersection I knew they were going to nab me. I’d spent the drive to work behind a succession of blind/retarded elderly ladies, by the time I’d gotten this close to work I was ready to kill. Fuckity. $142. Anyone know how to get me out of this without having to go to court? Dammit. I hate knowing I was wrong and there’s no real way out of it.
Got my referral for the orthopedic surgeon today, will hopefully get my wrist back from the zombie cyst that has taken over.
What did I do this weekend? Some crocheting, a little bit of cleaning, saw the Oscar nominated short form documentaries at the Riverview. I got home early today so it’s dishes, dinner and maybe organizing my yarn a bit.