Couple weeks ago my aunt Sue was in town for the 80th birthday party and she brought her gorgeous little girl, my cousin Evelyn.
God, I thought i was going to go into diabetic shock watching her watch Spongebob while sitting on the special Spongebob chair, playing with the dogs, feeding the dogs her food and playing legos with David. Sigh.
My favorite part? Immediately as she got home, she took a pink marker to her hair! Here I am, influencing future generations! You go girl.
Of course the dogs loved her because 4 year old girls are just mobile candy buffets.
Wallow in the frosting sweet goo that is my dogs with a 4 year old girl…



dear world

It is my opinion that marginalizing crocheters is a bad move on the part of yarn stores everywhere. Don’t delegate my pattern books to a dusty shelf in the corner, don’t store the crochet thread in a cabine that is unpoenable for being under a stack of crap, don’t just show gauge swatches in knit. Share the road! Still, didn’t stop me from buying yarn, thread, lace hooks and beading needles. oh well.
Soon, I must go make split pea and ham soup for my lunches and some buns for the hell of it and then later a moroccan squash stew with quinoa.
Preiously this week i’ve made stuffed eggplant (incredible!!) and kabocha squash mol� with seasoned black beans, rice and roasted carrots. I’m getting back into the swing of cooking.
Okay, I’m off to be domestic. Laundry, dishes, crocheting, soup making and squash roasting calls my name.