I got chocolates that say “choo choo choose me”! I got a handmade rose ornament. I ate fantastic Indian food. aaah sigh.
We went to the recently re-opened Udupi Cafe for dinner. I thought this would be a smart choice, good food, always pretty quiet in there, pleasant helpful staff. Sometimes I am wrong. The food itself was excellent, I hadn’t had chaat papri in so long and it was so good, along with the dosai, samosa, beans poryal, aloo gobi and of course the tamarind, coriander and coconut chutneys. YUM.
It seems everyone in the city had the same idea. The place had just re-opened on the third and NO ONE was trained and the place was packed and the service was pitiful. There were 5 people just running around filling water glasses and picking up empty plates and running food but only one or two people actually taking orders. Our dinner was brought to us twice. It took FOREVER to get anything and the ‘wine list’ was really more of an ornament, the bottle we ordered was out of stock, my second, third and fourth choices were gone as well. I settled for the merlot.
But I don’t want to complain, the food was beyond excellent. I really loved it. We’re going back…but later, when they’re not so crazy busy.
Also, yesterday I learned that the hedgehog is the most boring of all possible pets with the exception of the pet rock. While my sister is on vacation I am supposed to take care of Eddie the Hedgehog. Mostly I go over there twice and change the food and water. I don’t get to play with him, I don’t get to poke him, I probably won’t even see him since he burrows under the mat in his cage. Boring. You know, when I have people watch my dogs at least they get an exciting adventure with two lovable scamps. I get to put food in a bowl for a formless lump. Sigh. On the brightside, I get to play Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari as much as I want, provided I can figure out how to turn on the tv with all the crazy remotes and things. Crazy!
And to address a point brought up in my comments from a previous post…
Yes, my mom does read my website, but she does it at her own risk and she knows it. You’ll note how often I discuss anal sex, girth, blow jobs and the 18th amendment on my website. It’s pretty hard to offend my mom.
Hey mom, ANAL SEX!!!
And let me leave you with this happy note. David just came home from the grocery store and in the load of treasures were 4 (FOUR!) pints of Haagen Dasz!!! Coffee, mango sorbet, raspberry chip and the best MINT CHIP. He’s pretty keen.