Why I like David so much, #456,983 in a series:
One plain frozen cheese pizza begging to be dressed up. On one side he adds golden raisins, sliced bananas, vindaloo and garam masala. On the other half he puts onion/garlic pistachios, artichoke spread, sliced boiled egg and spicy paprika.
It sounds terrible. If he’d mentioned it to me before he made it I would have given him the look.
But he experiments and you know what? Both sides were good! Weird in their own way, but very good.
I like that David experiments and the experiments turn out so well.


On we go with the party planning. Tentative menu is as follows:
* Spiced ham with rolls
* Salmon and lemon cream crostini
* Crostini with hazelnut pesto and roasted butternut squash
* Croissants stuffed with feta/dill/spinach and/or curried veggies
* Mini crabcakes with cilantro cream
* Veggie sushi
* Stuffed strawberries
* Veggie platter with dip (dip suggestions or ideas? hummus?)
* Cheese plate with 2 kinds of homemade bread, olives, spiced nuts, homemade cherry ginger jam
I’m still tweaking it. I’m still contemplating the lettuce wraps.
In non-food related news, I think I am destined to live a life with dogs who constantly have ear infections (of course it would help if I stopped adopting shar-peis and shar-pei mixes). I looked over at Hippo Head Jones when I got home and was greeted with a sore red ear. Damn. Crocodile Bob’s ear infection cleared up fine. It’s always with the ears. it’s always with the icky Q-Tips and the tube of goo. Luckily the vet gave me extra ear meds so I don’t have to keep coming in.
I’m making congee for our lunches. I should be making bread but I don’t feel like washing measuring cups.