I am a girl

So, what did I do this weekend? I played gender specific role playing games! Specifically, David did the Man things like replace the exhaust system on his car and I did the Woman things like laundry, dishes and cooking dinner.
I ended up making fried rice with the tofu and bok choy. Not entirely exciting but not bad.
Tonight my sister is coming over and we’re slumming it with KFC! aw yeah, i know how to be dirty.
There’s not much else going on, really. I researched reliable Volvo mechanics, found one near my house. I made all the arrangements with the dog sitter for this coming weekend. I looked up flights for new orleans for thanksgiving, they’re expensive, plus all trips must factor in boarding the dogs at a kennel or getting a dog sitter.
This weekend is the GOAT FARM!!!! We are so excited! Goat Farm! Nothing says romance like surly ungulates.
Did you know Tang makes Horchata? they do! It’s in my fridge right now. It’s overly sweet but good.