I hear it

In my never ending quest to find the winning strategy to turn my into a productive adult I’ve started buying audiobooks from iTunes to listen to while cooking or cleaning or whatever.
Positive results so far.
A word of advice, though, if you are blue. If it is a gloomy day and you are feeling down and it’s been ‘one of those weeks’, do not download Joan Didion’s “Year of Magical Thinking”. It’s an excellent book, but you will find yourself crying into the dishwater and you don;t need that.
I want to make eggplant parmesan for dinner, but I dont have half the ingredients and would have to run to the store. On the other hand I DO have bok choy and tofu and both of those need to be used before they go bad. Why did I buy the big bag of bok choy from United Noodle?? Because it was stupidly cheap and I like bok choy.
Problem is that you can really only make stirfry with bok choy and tofu and that just does not appeal to me.
I’ll keep you posted on the results as I am sure you are dying dying dying to hear what I make for dinner every night.
I wonder if my sister is interested in highly unhealthy food for dinner tomorrow night. Just the two of us. I’ll wear my fat pants.
Speaking of fat pants, I did fat pants laundry (the laundry where you put on the giant pants you only wear inside when no one is looking, in my case a pair of too long black velvet pants that are baggy and tie at the waist) and you wash every single other item of clothing you own. Everything is washed, even David’s brown shirt that I love so much.
When David gets back from home depot I will poll his dinner opinion and get started.

That’s quite a grudge

Yesterday I was tasked to go to the library and get some movies. I never go to the library. I never go and I try to tell people, in English words, why I cannot go to the library…”I am completely and totally incapable of returning items”. I don’t know why this is, I really don’t, but I seriously cannot return things to places like the library or Blockbuster or whatever.
No one ever believes me, either! They always counter with “but it’s easy” or “convenient” or “you just have to drop it off”. It’s really not a matter of ease or convenience, the library is 6 blocks from my house, it’s incredibly easy and convenient. There is just some mental block in my head, i am incapable of returning things. I just don’t do it.
So yesterday, against my protestations, I was sent to get movies from the library. I went and had to go through the ordeal of switching from a hennepin county library card to a minneapolis public library card (she also would not listen to me, I tried to explain it was not worth it for me to get a new card, I’ll never use it. I think my problem with the library is that it puts in me in a number of situations where nobody will listen to me). While she’s messing with the beeping computer and I am constantly repeating my phone number to her because she mistyped it I am also helping the happy asian family next to me use the auto-checkout (they kept scanning the wrong bar code).
Finally, the librarian lady, acting all confidential and embarassed for me prints out a piece of paper that shows I have a previous fine.
I’m wracking my brains, when did I last have a minneapolis public library card???
12 years ago!!!
Yes, back in 93 or 94 I checked out a book and, true to form, never returned it. I had a $30 fine. $30. It was more than the book was worth I’m sure. I didn’t even remember the book or checking it out.
So this is it, this is my severe mental defect. I cannot return things t the institutions from where I borrowed them. Blockbuster owns my soul for all the late fees I’ve paid them, the library got a $30 check from me for a book I don’t even remember.
Netflix seems to be working out okay for me, for now, but that won’t last.