he’s a little trooper

I put the little guy in the car with a blanket and turned the heaters on in the seat. We got to the vet and he very subduedly (is this a word) tried to play with the other dogs and cats.
The vet loves loves loves ghengis, she’s the vet that he’s seen mostly since I got him. She always gets so excited when she sees him.
She checked his ear and cleaned it out for me. I clean his ear with the liquid, but I rreally need to be getting in there with a q-tip once a week but I’m so scared that I’ll hurt his ears. We’re just going to have to practice.
My vet gave me a big thing of ear medicine, way more than he needs. This way, when he gets another infection I can just treat him at home and not pay another office visit. I’d probably go in anyway, I feel better knowing that he’s being looked at by a professional. Still, it’s nice to not have to buy the ear goo every time.
So yeah, I guess little little ear tubes means I’m going to have to be more vigilant, even if I am super squeamish. I don’t want to hurt my little guy.
Okay party peeps, I’m off to Ramadan dinner with Jessi and her husband. yay Egyptian food!!!

poor little fella

Ghengis was scratching his ear more than usual again. I say ‘more than usual’ because ever since the day I brought him home he has scratched at his left ear and shook his head a lot. I even have video of the day I brought him home and he’s shaking and scratching. Most of the time he vet can find nothing wrong, every once in a while, it turns into an ear infection.
The vet and I don’t really know what to make of his ear. There’s no hearing loss, no mites, and no signs of allergy.
I was concerned about his ear last night, figured I’d call the vet and make an appointment for this evening or tomorrow. This morning, when I sat down to check my email and drink some tea Ghengis came to curl up next to me. This is not unusual, this is our morning ritual, cuddling for 30 minutes in the morning quiet. What was unusual was how desperate he was to cuddle, he kept shifting and repositioning.
I looked down at him and he gave me the saddest face, his lower jaw was quivering. Dogs can’t cry the way little kids can, but they can come close. So, the first day of my boss’ vacation and I have to call in late to work to take my dog to the vet. I’m totally getting a note from the vet just to prove I was not just taking the morning off.
sigh, poor little puppy.