bark bark bar

For some reason Herdez has decided to stop selling its Salsa Verde! or something. I don’t know. I can’t find it anywhere. Even Lily, who lives in the land of the good mexican food, cannot find the Herdez Salsa Verde. I can find the Salsa Casera, I can find other brands of salsa verde, but I don’t want those, I want Herdez Salsa Verde in the little green can. Find it for me, send me a case, I will pay you back.
I kept getting these notices at work saying my email box was over the size limit. This perplexed me, I do keep a good number of emails, but certainly not 150mb worth. So I keep deleting things and moving stuff to local folders. Then I find this odd sent items folder. Now a sent items folder is not particularly odd, we all have them, I have 2 (or so I thought) on my work email since I have two accounts running at the same time (mine and the department mail). I found a 3rd, odd sent mail folder and it was chock full of sent mail starting from last November when I got the new computer and switched from POP3 to IMAP.
So I dutifully started reading the mail and deleting it. What a fucking trip that was to see stuff I sent to people a year ago. For the most part, there were no surprises, emails to David and Alan and Alex and Ethan and my mom and whatnot. Just your typical conversations. It was also an interesting topographical map of my relationship with my ex at that time. Pleasantly joking with each other in one email, sniping the next. It was a weird time. Some of the emails hurt my stomach for having so much anger in them, others made me sad, we were trying so hard to be nice.
Still others made me realize that for all the history and the trying, this was the right choice.
But on a brighter note, Alex explained the precession of the equinox to me today. The other day he answered my questions about constitutional law, today it was astronomy. Seriously, he should have one of those columns where you just write to him and ask him anything, he’ll have the answer.
I need to clean the house tonight so that Lily will not think I live in a toxic waste dump!
I can’t wait for lily to get here, we’re going to have a great time and we will never have a moment to rest.
Then 2 weeks and we go to the Goat Farm!!!!!