Si! En Español!

Part of the fun of knowing the lovely Lily is all the keen Mexican treats she brings. I took two bad years of high school spanish. I don’t speak spanish at all, if I tried to order something in spanish I’d end up with a live goat and a hair dryer. So, Lily sends and brings a plethora of treats for me, everything’s in spanish.
Now, I can’t speak spanish or really even understand it spoken. I do have an odd talent for reading it, not well, of course, but slowly. I sound out the words, figure out what the root might be and using the root and the context I can usually muddle out the meaning of most things.
Of course, it does not help if you are trying to make a glass of tamarindo Tang and the unit of measure translates to ‘soup spoon’. What the hell is that.
The other fun thing is that I am pigging out on Herdez Salsa Verde! I’m a happy little piggy. She brought 8 million different kinds of salsas. Sadly, I am the whitest of the white girls in america and the salsas from Mexico are just too too spicy. Even the Del Monte salsa verde is too hot. I’m such a wimp. Lily and I will have to set up some sort of underground salsa railroad. I’ll be funneling so much money to Calexico in exchange for so many unmarked cases that the feds are going to get involved.
Let’s see…anything else?
Watching “The Day After Tomorrow” is a little upsetting in light of recent weather events. It’s a bad movie to be sure, but still, weird to watch cities being destroyed by the weather.
Heavy rotation in the car right now. Lovely and sad song.
Also, don’t you love days when your hair looks good?
Soon the chochobo will be home!