Sometimes it is hard to be a small brown puppy

It’s one of those grey days with the weather that has more bite than mist but more mercy than drizzle. Chilled, but not cold. In response I’m making veggies and dumplings, it’s like chicken and dumplings but without the chicken. I am out of mock duck and tofu and don’t feel like making seitan right now. So veggies and dumplings. Good for us.
The other night for dinner I marinated some canned mock duck and onions in garlic sesame oil, franks hot sauce and lime juice, cooked up some rice, seasoned black beans with garlic, lime juice and special secret seasonings. Fried the mock duck and onions and served the whole thing with molé sauce (david got all the onions, i hate onions). Fantastic!
The molé that Lily brought me requires you to mix 3 parts water to 1 part molé. So, I don’t 2 quarts of molé in the fridge, I have what amounts to 2 GALLONS of molé in there! Happy eating! I made up the sesame seed variety (ajonjola? Lily is that right?). God it was good. I’ve had good molé but damn.
Work is coming along with the new site, hopefully I can go live soon. I’m bringing over each post one at a time. The funny thing is that the halfway point was reached at a post just over a year ago. I’ve been going since early 2001. I’ve really ramped up production around here. I use the term production loosely, in the same way a bulimic might ‘express her creativity’ into a toilet.
SO, while David practices his guitar and the dogs snooze and chew things, I will wander off into the kitchen and do my best to maintain the illusion of a productive human being.
Also, to those of you within breakfast radius, I’m taking a break from coordinating breakfasts for a while. If any of you want to take the baton and run with it, i will gladly pass it over. Otherwise you’ll have to wait a bit until I get things back under control again.