I sang my songs to the cold and the rain

The weather, in it’s cryptic fashion, has decided to vomit its misery onto the land in order to purge itself for Lily’s triumphant visit. It was cold and drizzley and ugly today, but the weather channel promises temps near 70 for the weekend. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, this is October in Minnesota, anything can happen.
Also, Lily found my salsa verde. She’s a peach.
Today was my bi-monthly day of reflection and ponderences. The day I stop and wonder quietly to myself “how the fuck did I get from there to here??”. These are interesting days, not bad days at all, just good days that remind me that things don’t just happen, that there is method and causality and maybe a little magic. There are still things I don’t understand, but I’ll continue to dissect them.
And, of course, part of my life includes two dork dogs. maddie has finally figured out tug-o-war! I am so proud. I’m pretty sure she never really played with other dogs before and I’m also thinking her previous owners were not ones to get on the floor and play with her. Ghengis loves a good game of tug with one of the stinky dinosaur carcasses, but I can only deal with him draping a wet, empty polyester dinosaur over my hand so many times before i have to send him on his way. Somehow, he managed to get Maddie to take hold and keep holding. Maddie has also invented a game wherein she collects ghengis’ most loved toys and lays on them while he freaks out and snuffles her.
Speaking of snuffles…if you are going to get a pug, please for the love of god name it something other than snuffy or snuffleupagus. Seriously.
I need to finish the laundry, do the dishes, make some hummus, vacuum and generally make things look nice.