Things are chugging along nicely at the new velvet. Tonight I edited the style sheet. Took me considerably longer than it should have because I was not grasping the overwhelming power of Movable Type. Do not go into the ACTUAL style sheet that you have set up on the server! Do not edit that style sheet, you will be painfully disappointed when you go to save something in the MT control center and it overwrites all of your work. Ouch.
I’ve kept essentially the same color scheme that I have here. I’d like something new, but 1) it’s kind of an identity and 2) I am far to functionally retarded to actually put colors together. I end up with atrocious mixes. None of you remembers the first iteration of this site, it was bad, all reds and purples. So, I’ve learned that if someone makes you a site with a good and solid color scheme, you keep that color scheme.
If anybody has any advice regarding exporting and importing MS Access data into MT let me know, otherwise I’m jumping in as soon as I hear from Keith (he has a pc with Access on it, I don’t).
I’ve got nothing good to say. I was supposed to go to Target to pick up sundries and put it off to tomorrow justifying the delay with the promise of doing dishes tonight. Except I ended up not doing dishes. And I ended up spending too much time trying to figure web stuff out. The only real thing I accomplished is purchasing a metric buttload of fall/winter clothes off the web.
So, I’m cranky, I ate no dinner, my dogs are desperate to go out which means I need to get dressed.
grumble grumble