Tornado sirens going off, ugly clouds rolling my way, mmmm death from above! Not talking about texas, I’m talking about here, minneapolis, now.
But I am not afraid! No way! Piddly minnesota storms don;t scare me! I’m heading down to Texas! Texas is looking to host the 3rd most intense hurricane ever. Katrina was bad, Rita is looking to make Katrine her bitch. What the fuck. It seems the sky is looking to call me out, but the sky don’t realize that I’m going to bust her nuts down to the ground.
Hey! Sky! Bring it on you pansy bitch!!!
Sigh, what else…
Poor Anna, she had to bring her pet rat in to be put to sleep today. I’m sorry, darling.
I cannot use paypal without resetting my password. I never know my password. Dammit.
God, it’s a good thing I’m not trying to get people to support me with this website, there are sitcoms on UPN that are more interesting and make more sense. I need some dinner, I need to get my stuff together for my trip.