It’s all new

Curry is the new stir fry! Tonight’s offering is a potato, chick pea and spinach curry on basmati. Not bad, not fancy but solid and good.
a conversation:
him: hey dub
me: (shoveling food in my mouth) hi
him: how are you?
me: (glop of spinach hanging from my mouth) unattractive!
him: WHAT?!
me: buuuuuuuurp
So, my head’s all over the place today and I guess this post will be as well.
So, Saturday I get to do my best Captain Dan impersonation standing in the middle of Zilker Park while the eye of Hurricane Rita passes somewhere near Austin! Of course, at that point inland we’re just talking rain and wind, it won’t be a hurricane anymore. Still though, I’m looking forward to challenging the sky and knocking that hurricane down to the ground.
Today’s mail held nothing to excite or incite today. No fabulous mexican candy, no bills to ignore, nothing to take out back and burn.
So, Ben and Jerry’s sent operatives to my house to split my head open, spy on me and make the perfect flavor for me. Amazing.
Okay, I wish I didn’t know so many people in California. I’ve gotten so many invites! I want to go but I know there is no way I could see everyone in one trip. Sigh. California needs to be smaller. Way smaller.
my dogs rule, but you knew that.
Okay, not as much to write about as I thought. Common decency prevents me from writing about most of the things in my head and the Geneva convention covers the rest.
Today is Tuesday, Friday I fly away!