please please please

can we?
Dear Chochobo,
Please, let’s go to the state fair and ride the ferris wheel and eat bad food and take goofy pictures and ride the bus and have lots of fun! It will be a grand time and it will be hot and smell bad and the food will make us sick but I will take your pictures by the spaghetti on a stick stand and you will try to win a teddy bear for me.
Come on! Let’s go!
All I wanted, since Tuesday when the levee broke, was those really large military vehicles to come rolling in to New Orleans and have the doors open up to scores of men (and women) in khaki fatigues with guns and a plan and a sense of direction. I’ve been sick with worry waiting for this to happen. Today it did and amazingly my heart lifted just a little.
When I read or hear about the roaming bands of mad-max like thugs taking over the city and feeding the misery that preys on the victims I just stick my fingers in my ears and go ‘lalalalalalalalala’ because if I don’t then I will be wrong about humanity. I firmly and totally believe that humans are essentially good and when forced to make a decision will make the decision to do all that is right and good. I truly believe that the exceptions to this are singular and uncommon. Whatever animalistic turn these monsters took in New Orleans this week does not exist in the human psyche. This has gone beyond looting for food, this isn’t basic survival. This is cannibalism, this is the basest and most vile of acts.
LALALALALALALALA all people are good.
Today I ate an illicit bratwurst.
Less than a month to Austin Texas!!!!! The chicken fried steak of the gods! the heat of the gods! $4 heinekens consumed in mass quantities! AND HUGE MUSIC!!!!! Can’t wait to spend a weekend with Ethan and the very lovely Sara (and let’s not forget Boris, Ivan and Cole). I am looking forward to this fun weekend.
I also NYC to look forward to but I have not had a chance to even think about booking tickets and now I fear what they will cost with gas prices rising. Sigh. (actually i just checked and prices are not bad. I can eve fly United and get a good rate…hmmmm).
hmmm perhaps I should pay rent now.