I doubt at the installation part of you

Urge to fly to India and punch cheap, second rate tech support rising…Urge to go to the MovableType offices and offer up cheesecake and tequila also rising.
Urge to chain smoke also rising.
Renewed my driver’s license today. Afer sitting there for 30 minutes I’ve decided this: If you are too old or addled or whatever to negotiate the system at the DMV then you can not drive. I know the DMV is harder than anything you will ever have to negotiate, but still, I need to know that the other people on the road are at least as semi-skilled as I am. You go to the desk, you tell the lady what you want, she gives you the appropriate form and a number, they call your number and tell you what counter to go to. There’s no need for aimless wandering, staring at empty counter space or weeping.
If you cannot get your license renewed without drooling, I don’t want you merging with me. Go away.

This is a 9.25 pound sugar beet.
I’m off to get cancer.