how fortuitous

David and I went to Evergreen for lunch today. It was good but I was not so impressed. My noodles were bland.
We got our fortune cookies and our fortunes seemed to come from the Absurdity Collection. Mine read “It’s not about you. It’s better that way.” hmmm okay. Probably good advice, not necessarily what you would expect in a fortune cookie. David’s was more bizarre, “Sing a song every day. Sing the same song if it is a good song”. I honestly don’t know. Again, seems like good advice, but the chinese restaurant is throwing me into some sort of bizarro-themed advice quandary.
I don’t know how to feel about these bits at all.
So, as I’ve mentioned I’ve been sick. last night I went home, took a nice long bath/shower, got my hair washed by the boy (so nice) and went to bed at 7:30. Slept all night and got up for work 12 hours later. Still tired, still sick, but it was great to shut down for 12 hours.
While sleeping I had my crazy dreams that i have when i am sick. One involved going to visit my mother in prison. It was a lovely prison, set up like a really beautiful apartment complex with landscaping and outdoor walkways. I’d love to rent a place like this. I went to my mother’s apartment and her roommate, Ossie Davis greeted me at the door. He was cleaning the kitchen, sort of a crusty old man type. It was an amusingly detailed dream, I could spend hours describing the apartment. Probably a little more ivy, floral, darkwood for my tastes, but you can’t really complain about such things in a prison. Why was my mom in a prison in my dreams? No clue. Sorry mom.
After I tried to visit my mom (she was napping and I did not want to bother her) I went to the zoo. I hung out in the shade by the camels. The camels were seal-like in their entertaining of the crowd. They jumped around, they bounced balls, they were real crowd pleasers. As I sat in the shade I was writing in a notebook. I was writing some sort of political manifesto. I was going to change the world. Essentially, I was trying to end excess spending, keep people happy and maintain a safety net for everyone. I was really proud of myself. I didn’t get beyond writing about what should be fixed. I never really got to how I was going to do it because David called me on my cell phone to tell me he was by the elephants and I should go meet him. In my dream I had an incredibly detailed map of the park, and I would have been able to find the elephants but the alarm went off and sadly i could not continue my zoo journey.
So, what is today? Well, there was “Science Friday” on NPR. I do like Science Friday, today they were talking about theoretical physics and multiple dimensions and all that. I get very frustrated with these things because there is a real feeling of “you just made this up, didn’t you??!!”. Ira Flatow asked the guest about these extra dimensions, why can’t we see them or comprehend them and what were they all about. She told him we were not designed to comprehend these dimensions, we could only see our 3 (or 4 if you count time). I feel like such a curmudgeon when I listen to this stuff because I want to shout at the radio “if you can’t prove it exists, if i can’t see it then I don’t believe you!”. Microscopic things i believe, I can see tangible evidence of dinosaurs (but often will explain to people that the new popular color dinosaurs are just theory, we don’t know what color they were), I always talk about black holes in terms of theory. I love science, i love reading about new things and learning about them but you start talking about quantum mechanics and stuff like that and I want a goddamned picture. I want actual evidence. I don’t want to feel like you’re just some guy making shit up. There’s a lot of real, physical stuff that has not been discovered or explained and I want you to focus your energy on that.
Heather: Scientific Curmudgeon.
(don’t get me started on calculus, i got me some real brain problems with that).
I never thought I would ever find an art exhibit I would hate more than the looping videos that undergrads make and display in the gallery outside my office, but I have. A man saw fit to create the world’s largest and loudest rain stick. It’s a big contraption with levers and pulleys and loud noises (it’s not nearly as large as I make it sound, but it is large). It’s an interactive piece to be used with the world’s largest piece of suspended sheet metal to be shaken for simulated thunder. It is so…LOUD…and people LOVE to play with this stuff all the time (ironically the person with both the world’s loudest voice and world’s loudest laugh is standing out there with them. How perfect). I believe this exhibit will be up for 6 or 8 weeks. Please, stop by and cause noise and make me hate you.
and lastly, we need to emphasize with the lovely lily that while all manner of crazy and insane people would be welcome to visit while she comes to visit me, we do very much need to keep the exception on ‘batshit crazy’. This is so important, chica, so very very important. no batshit crazy people.
Photo to be updated soon, i missed last night for being asleep and dreaming wonderful dreams.