RE: your calls and letters

Thank you for your calls and emails. Yes, I am actually going to Texas during a Hurricane. Texas is a big state full of gun wielding maniacs who drive big trucks and drink a lot of beer. That hurricane does not stand a chance.
Well, except Texas isn’t really like that and I’ll be in Austin which isn’t really Texas anyway. I will be far enough west of the storm that the most we will get is some rain.
last night David and I went out to dinner. When did they remodel Me Gusta? It used to be 2 degrees better than a dive and it was not uncommon to find a cockroach on the all. Now the place is beautiful. They’ve expanded it, turned it into a plaza with little shops around it. Of course my favorite shop is the “Frida Beauty Shop” prominently featuring Frida Kahlo. aaah irony, blow a gentle wind my way.
Okay, I need to finish packing, I need to get some coffee into this poor battered body, I need to get on my plane and go. I wil try to update as I can, but if I don’t I will see you chochobos next week.