Ghengis lays half across my laps and growls manacingly at every noise he hears. Maddie responds by getting up from her nest, walking to me, staring at me intently and then burping in my face.

Just keep swimming

Woke up this morning and found that ‘Jared’ had passed my tech support question along to ‘Brendan’. ‘Brendan’ pretty much told me what ‘Blake’ and ‘Jared’ had been telling me, which was that all the modules were installed correctly. Then he asked me if there were any sort of permissions or settings on their end that should be looked at.
Great good god this is what I have been askign you about since the beginning of time. I once again sent him the list of settings and permissions.
Then I went to breakfast with Alan and David over at Maria’s Colombian Cafe. I had the corn pancake, so damned good.
Upon returning home I found that my issue had been passed from ‘Brendan’ to ‘Gilbert’. I love ‘Gilbert’, I want to marry him. He answered my question, he made the right adjustments AND he found where the problem was in the cgi script so that I could go to MovableType and show them the trouble.
The little green crayfish I wone at the fair…totally named ‘Gilbert’ now.
After ‘Gilbert’ and the joy, we had a doggie playdate! Ghengis and Maddie met Bela and Milo over at the dog park. Milo is Ghengis’ new best friend, he’s also the cutest little puppy! 4 months old, pit bull and shar pei mix (they aren’t positive about the shar pei but I am!!). So lovely, so cute and puppy-ish.
The dogs romped and played and wore themselves out. Nine hours later, Ghengis is still pretty much passed out next to me. Either he’s passed out or he’s pretending to not watch the scary movie. Sigh, my dog’s a wimp. Kidding, my dog rules.
This afternoon was all about productivity. Dishes and laundry and making a nutritious and delicious dinner. Sadly, it meant I missed out on going to Hong Kong Noodle, but they asked me to go after I ate.

This is a picture of me with the Ignatius Reilly statue on Canal Street near the Aquarium in New Orleans. I wonder if the statue is still there. We stumbled upon it unexpectedly, I knew there was a statue of him somewhere in NO but I did not know where it was. You can imagine how excited I was to find it. That whole day was one of my favorites during my visit. David and I spent the day at the aquarium studying every fish in there, I think he is the only person I know who spends more time at each exhibit than I do. Afterwards, we discovered the statue, found the car, spent too long finding a Whole Foods (we found the one on Magazine street; I saw that one recently on a CNN report and it made my heart hurt for how many good memories I have). We were buying ingredients for the rack of lamb dinner we were making for his parents that night. $140 later we were ready. We worked together, made a wonderful dinner and his parents really enjoyed it.
The next day I flew home. David walked me into the terminal and stood waiting until I got past security. I’ll always remember him standing there and how sad I was to be leaving him.
So that’s just a tiny sliver of my favorite New Orleans memories, there’s also the zoo, buying boiled peanuts on the side of the road from an old lady across the border in Mississippi, shopping at the French Market, Beignets, coffee and cigarettes and coffee and cigarettes and coffee and cigarettes and…
The dryer buzzes and the clean sheets beg to be brought up.
And the ice cream begs to be eaten.