yahoy my mateys! Okay, I love getting mail! The mail brings happiness! Today the mail brought a big box bursting full of mexican candy! It was crazy! It was a very lovely housewarming present from LILY!!! It’s very exciting. Also, it’s ver very very tart and spicy and salty. Not quite what Americans would equate with candy, but unique and good. I even got Mexican KoolAid!
What will the mail bring tomorrow? Hopefully something as good as this or I am burning it.
New feature on the side. Daily photo, completely not archived. Ephemeral. Transient. Here one day and then gone. I could not get MovableType to work so I did this the hard way. Though, honestly, doing that took me all of 30 minutes, installing MT has taken me more than a week, and I have gotten nowhere but frustrated. So now I get to pretend that not archiving the photos is a philosophical thing, I’m celebrating the impermanence of the universe, instead of admiting the reality which is that I don’t have access to a PC with Microsoft Access on it and I don’t feel like making new tables in my database and making new pages and whatnot. This works for now.
Mostly daily updates on the photos, but I make no promises.
I am heading down to Texas on Friday. I am hugely excited about this trip. Many many photos and stories I am sure.
My weekend? hmmmm….
I already wrote about friday and my fabulous quiet walk. Saturday…I did nothing. Nothing. Seriously. I got up, I made my coffee, I sat on the sofa, I took a nap, I showered a couple times, I edited and posted photos from the party, I did nothing.
Went to Balls, but that was at midnight, so technically that was sunday.
Sunday morning we went to the Danish American center and had the all you can eat Danish breakfast! abelskiver, pancakes, sausage, coffee, orange juice and Danish love! So, for whatever reason, I totally thought that abelskiver was a puff pancake with apples in it, not unlike a pannakoeken. i was wrong! An abelskiver is like a pancake ball! It’s way good. Cut them onpen, add butter and strawberry jam and you are one happy bubbo!
After that we went to the Twins game with Alan. I like baseball well enough, but mostly I like beer and hot dogs and peanuts and lord knows what else. The Twins lost, I had a great time, then I got home.
Something I ate at the ball park freaked my belly out and I spent the rest of the day sick. Sad.
ah well, such is life.
I need to clean and do laundry and get everything together for my trip. Hula!
chochobo out!