Finally party pictures

Finally, pictures from the party! Sorry about the delay, but no matter, here we go!
First off, an homage to my insanity. When I am planning a party the most important thing is the NOTEBOOK. After the notebook comes the post it notes. Many people have discussed the fabled and insane post it notes…essentially, I take the list of every thing I am making, I pull out a platter or bowl or tray or whatever for each dish and write the names on post it notes and label the serving dishes. This keeps me sane. This ensures a smooth transition of food to table.
Alex was supposed to arrive on Friday along with most of my other out of town guests but Hurricane Katrina decided to test her strength on Miami. How ironic were my rantings about Katrina on the Thursday before it hit the gulf coast. Alex is determined, Alex is goal oriented, Alex managed to make it to my party! He got in on Saturday afternoon, mere hours before the shindig was to begin. Here he is with Ghengis. The G-dawg loved him, but Alex was not so keen on the frosty reception Maddie gave him. Don’t take it personally, Alex, Maddie growls at almost everyone.
This is Jessi, (and me with cheap liquor). Jessi is a wunderkind of extraordinary talent. First off, she’s the talent that designed my fantastic invitations for this party. I love those invitations, just love them. They could not have been more wonderful or perfect. Then, because she is truly amazing, she takes time out of her busy Saturday to come over and help me set up the party. Last, but not least, she handmade the lovely luminaria we had in the front yard. Each one unique, each one beautiful. I honestly cannot say enough nice things about her. She is a true lifesaver.
Tuan drove up from Chicago on Saturday and had the misfortune of arriving early enough to be put to work. Sorry Tuan. I was in the kitchen when this picture was taken. I’m not sure what’s going on but I found no blood on the carpet, so i imagine everything turned out okay.
The party revs up and we catch up with the Betsy half of Jetsy choking on a piece of sushi! The deaths at my parties are fairly minimal, I’m glad to say that Betsy survived! Good thing too, we love Betsy and not just because she has the cutest dog ever!!!
Anyone who knows me knows how I love to throw parties. I love to do it because I have such a wide range of friends from so many arenas and throwing a huge party is the best way for all of my friends to get together and meet one another. Here we see Dena, Alex and Julie getting to know each other. Dena is the wife of one of my coworkers, Julie is a friend from Montreal and we all know Alex from Miami. All three of them post to my website and knew of each other from there. The beauty was being able to brong them all together so that they could meet for real.
Veggie plate with dhal dip and spicy mustard dip, dolmades with tzatziki, croissants stuffed with spinach, feta, and dill or curried veggies or artichoke/ricotta, crostini with apricots and queso de cabra, spiced maple pecan salmon with lemon cream, tomato/basil/caper bruschetta, veggie sushi, chips and guacamole, bulgogi wraps! Sadly, Julie’s delectable desserts are not pictured, stuffed strawberries, maple cake, raspberry squares, chocolate hurricanes. Also not pictured, the giant cheese plate and relish tray. I was so busy for most of the night I barely had time to try the food and missed out on a few things, but let me tell you, once the party calmed to a dull roar i laid into the Brillat-Savarin brie like a pig on slop!
Levi gives my party a great big thumbs up!!! Go me!
Aaah Meggers! Cutest girl on the planet! She flew in from Seattle and was such a trooper, I put her to work and there was nothing she could not do. So fun to party with. I’m sad she lies so far away.
From left to right, David’s sister, Mary Alice, Julie’s husband, Ryan, and David’s sister, Julie. Ryan and Julie were amazing and offered to roll sushi for me when they go there since I was running behind (naturally I was running behind! food and fun for 40 people! I was amazed I accomplished anything at all). These three are absolutely great fun and I am so glad to have them in my life. (also today is Mary Alice’s birthday!!!! Happy birthday, Mary Alice).
Jen and Eric! She’s the payroll wizard at MCAD and he’s her husband and the two of them are so sweet and so much fun. Jen is really one of my favorite people. Smart, no nonsense, tell it like it is and up for anything.
Two more people from out of town getting to know each other. Julie (montreal) and Tuan (chicago) finally meeting in person and talking.
April and Keith finally show up! HUZZAH!!!! I love my sister and her boyfriend, you would do well to party with them. Invite them to your next party but keep in mind that Keith has volume control issues once he’s been drinking! Have I mentioned that they own a hedgehog! They do and I would link to a picture but they have yet to post a picture of the cute little thing!
Party’s going full blast and of course I notice that my boyfriend’s shirt has Wiener on it. What can I say, this party was to celebrate the many new things in my life and he was one of those things. I think I’ll keep around a bit, Wiener covered shirt or not.
The party winds down. Ghengis was the consummate host. Final head count put us at 37 people, no food or liquor left! It as a wonderful night and I can’t thank my friends enough for participating.