I have opinions #3776

Jimmy Carter: Doing more to actually solve problems than you ever will. Isn’t just an armchair commentator blindly repeating blogosphere clap. I don’t just love Jimmy Carter, I adore and respect him.
Wolfgang Puck: Soulless whore.
My life as a weekly advice columnist: Dang people! You got problems! Actually, it’s a lot of work but I enjoy it immensely.
The idea of me doing an advice column professionally: don’t even say the words to me. If you even think I would want to do something I loved professionally then you haven’t been paying attention. Turning something you love to do into a profession is a little like trading in your kids for cases of whiskey. Sure, whiskey is awesome but sooner or later you’re going to run out of whiskey and you’ll be left with a cirrhotic liver and living in a nursing home staff by your unwanted children. If you love something, don’t chain it down and suck the life out of it (unless this is an act in which all parties give informed adult consent).
Cereal YEAH!! billion!!!
Mushrooms the product of extraterrestrial anal rape on mollusks!!
I got more opinions but I have to shower and get ready for work and I almost started writing about how cute the dogs are and we all know quickly that devolves.
The Hard Times Cafe I love the Hard Times. This cash only, vegetarian diner to the masses consistently serves the most excellent and affordable food anywhere in town. I defy anyone to find a better combination of deliciosness, affordability and all around fascinating clientele. Everyone from D&D geeks to crabby old men to the unknown quantity, is present and they all mingle easily. Plus it seems that the chica behind the counter thinks little pink haired girlies are cute (David confirmed).
Also, 12,000 points for having THE BEST salsa in the entire area.
This American Life on TV: awesome but somehow not as fulfilling as the radio show. Also, a much more vivid reminder that Ira Glass is kind of a dick.

2 thoughts on “I have opinions #3776

  1. Totally agree with you on Jimmy Carter. He is the only former President who’s actually doing something good for the country and not out charging hundreds of thousands of dollars to watch him go on talking about himself.
    Oh, and mushrooms. Evil. Pure Evil.

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