Hello adultivity?

I was just thinking the other day about how strange it is that I rarely drink anymore. I almost always limit myself to social drinking and even then go with weak drinks and lots of water. I’ve gotten tipsy no more than 3 times in the last year and full on drunk maybe once or twice.
It’s not like I made this decision, or more specifically, I see it more as just a natural progression. I just don’t drink so much.
Of course I’m thinking about this yesterday and what do i do to prove my point? Consume an entire bottle of german wine with dinner. A dinner I ate by myself.
So much for not drinking in excess anymore or only drinking socially.
On the bright side, i didn’t really get drunk, just tipsy. It’s not like gerwurtztraminer is a strong wine.
I’m off to clean more to get ready for the festivities tomorrow. Seriously, you DO want to show up. there’s gonna be a buttload of interesting food.